Bulk SMS

V3 InfoTech is one of the Appropriate Bulk SMS provider, which supports it customers for Business development and product Promotion activities through Bulk SMS. Bulk SMS is a Marketing Tool which has been observes as one of the most popular modes of service in today’s digital world. The SMS service in the form of Bulk SMS succumbs perfectly in the business and financial developments owing to the globalization in the nation.

So, Now Let us know what actually “Bulk SMS" is????

This refers to the huge volume of SMS being sent to customers, clients, companies and individuals, as part of the various social and business purposes accordingly as per their needs. It (Bulk SMS) has efficiently promoted globalization in India by being cost effective, fast and easy, at the same time It values your (client) honor and trust that you (client) have bestowed on the sellers of these type of service.

Messaging is quite common these days for product promotions and for information sharing like alerts & notifications between the individuals. So we made easy for customers to use Bulk SMS Application and Gateway feasible and supportive to reach customer needs.

V3 InfoTech as a team believed in client trust & satisfaction, so, bound to provide premium Bulk SMS routes only, where customer wouldn't face service issue. We would maintain multiple servers without any down time. The limited characters on the SMS have the magic of telling the user what they need to know instantly.

Price Lists

Sno Product Quantity Price per Unit Total Tax Gross Pay
1 Bulk SMS 10000 0.20 2000 300 2300 Pay
2 Bulk SMS 20000 0.20 4000 600 4600 Pay
3 Bulk SMS 25000 0.18 4500 675 5175 Pay
4 Bulk SMS 50000 0.15 7500 1125 8625 Pay
5 Bulk SMS 1,00,000 0.14 14,000 2100 16,100 Pay

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